Progressive Muscle Relaxation

The progressive muscle relaxation technique

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

The progressive muscle relaxation technique (sometimes called the progressive relaxation technique) is a simple technique that lets you learn to relax all of your muscles in a very effective way.

This progressive muscle relaxation technique consists in tensing and then relaxing specific muscle groups. This teaches you to be aware of the different tensions in your body and to notice when relaxation occurs.

The objective of the progressive muscle relaxation technique is to go through all of your muscle groups, tensing and relaxing them one at a time and to achieve total muscle relaxation.

First step is to find a nice and quiet place to do this exercise. Just be sure that you are comfortable. You can lie down or be seated. It is preferable to take off any jewellery that would bother you and to ware loose clothing. Close your eyes and let go.

Second step is to quiet your mind. Focus your attention on the intention of manifesting relaxation in this exercise.

Third step is to tense for 5 seconds and relax afterwards each muscle group one at a time as described here:

1- Toes – Curl your toes as tightly as you can for five seconds. Relax.

2- Feet – Bend your ankles toward your body as far as you can for five seconds. Relax.

3- Thighs – Tighten your thigh muscles by pressing your legs together as tightly as you can for five seconds. Relax.

4- Hips and buttocks – Tighten your hip and buttock muscles for five seconds. Relax.

5- Stomach – Tighten your stomach muscles for five seconds. Relax.

6- Back – Arch your back off the floor for five seconds. Relax.

7- Shoulders – Shrug your shoulders up to your ears for five seconds. Relax.

8- Upper arms – Bend your elbows. Tense your biceps for five seconds. Relax.

9- Forearms – Extend your arms out against an invisible wall and push forward with your hands for five seconds. Relax.

10- Hands – Extend your arms in front of you. Clench your fists tightly for five seconds. Relax.

11- Eyes and nose – Close your eyes as tightly as you can for five seconds. Relax.

12- Forehead – Wrinkle your forehead, try to make your eyebrows touch your hairline for five seconds. Relax.

13- Lips, cheeks and jaw – Draw the centers of your mouth back and grimace for five seconds. Relax.

Now after each muscle group, observe and take notice of the relaxation in your muscles. Give yourself at least 10 seconds to observe this.

Now let the relaxation flow through all of your body in a natural way.

If by any chance there still was a tension somewhere, all you have to do now is to bring your consciousness to this place and bring to it relaxation by the power of your imagination. If this does not work (it will) just tighten and relax that muscle again.

So there you have it! Progressive muscle relaxation is as easy as that! Have fun practicing and above all, have a nice relaxation!

Dominic Lamoureux

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