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Looking for a free self-hypnosis guide? I’m pleased to announce that you have finally found it! This is exactly what this page is all about.

This free guide will help you on your journey to learn self-hypnosis online. You will find out that using this tutorial is simple and easy. And the fruits of learning this science are very rewarding to!

I have taught these techniques to many of my patients in my private practice. I am very confident that you can learn these tools easily to.

By following this guide, you will learn how to practice this art in a simple and effective way.

Now go have fun learning and browsing around this guide!

Get Familiar with Hypnosis

Before starting your sessions, you may want to learn a little bit more on this science. In this section we will discuss the benefits of using hypnosis.

What to expect.

What is it that you really want?

Find yourself an objective to work on. Take some time now and write down your goals before doing anything else. Keep in mind that your goal should be simple and realistic for best results.

Maybe you want to lose weight, quit smoking, feel more motivated or just want to get rid of stress. Whatever it is that you want you must find it before starting your program.

Make yourself comfortable for your session

The only thing you need to practice self-hypnosis is to take a little time off your busy schedule and find yourself a calm place. So go ahead and find yourself a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.

For your sessions, you can either lie down on your bed or sit in a comfortable chair that supports you well. Both are just fine but make sure you won’t fall asleep.

Prepare yourself for Hypnosis

Use breathing and relaxation techniques to prepare yourself for hypnosis. This will help calm your body and mind for best results.

Abdominal Breathing
Learn how to breathe to reach profound states of relaxations in a very short time.

Once you feel calmed down with the first exercise, the progressive muscle relaxation will help you go even deeper. Letting all of your bodies tensions go, your subconscious mind will be ready to accept and implement what you ask of it.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation Technique
Learn to relax all of your muscles in a very effective way.

Session duration

Decide on how much time you want to be in self-hypnosis. Now let’s say you would want to go in hypnosis for 15 minutes, you would repeat out loud this affirmation: “I will now go in self-hypnosis for 15 minutes”.

Once in hypnosis, near the end of you session, your subconscious will give you an intuition or a feeling that your session is over. This will be your signal to end the session and open your eyes.

Program your Mind for Success

In my opinion, self-hypnosis without self-suggestion is simply a form of meditation or relaxation. Using you predefined goal, find yourself an affirmation that sums up your chosen objective.

Once you find your self-suggestion learn it by heart. You will use this affirmation just before entering hypnosis. You will repeat this chosen affirmation to yourself out loud 5 times just before going in to trance.

Programing new ideas in your mind.

How to create change in your subconscious mind.

Self-Hypnosis techniques

Now, do a self-hypnosis technique. Any technique that you like here will do. While you are doing your hypnosis session, your subconscious will start to create new strategies for you.

Your subconscious will begin to find creative ways to help you obtain what you want. And it will do this with no effort from your conscious mind.

Now remember, while doing your chosen technique, you do not have to think of your goal. Your subconscious already knows what to work on since you already gave it the self-suggestion.

So this is actually the easy part. Once you have repeated your self-suggestions 5 times and that you have completed your chosen technique all you have to do is relax and forget.

3 Great self-hypnosis techniques
Simple, fun and relaxing techniques you can try.

Instant Technique for Stress Relief
This technique only takes a few minutes to perform.

Once you have completed your technique, all you have to do is relax and enjoy de moment. When you get the feeling that the session is over, comeback in the present, Open your eyes and let yourself feel wonderful in every way possible.

8 steps to Self-hypnosis

To summarize the basic technique, here are the different steps you will perform to go in hypnosis on your own:

Step 1: Find yourself a calm and comfortable place.

Step 2: Practice abdominal breathing.

Step 3: Do a progressive muscle relaxation.

Step 4: Give yourself a time frame to be in hypnosis.

Step 5: Repeat self-suggestion 5 times out loud.

Step 6: Do a self-hypnosis technique that you like.

Step 7: relax, do nothing and let your subconscious do it’s work.

Step 8: When you get the intuition, wake up! Open your eyes feeling wonderful in every way.

Advanced work

Self-Hypnosis Regression
Simple and effective technique to do regression work.

So there you have it! A simple an effective guide that you can use to learn how to easily reprogram your subconscious mind exactly the way you want it.

Have fun learning on!

Dominic Lamoureux