Tips and trick for an effective auto-suggestion session



An auto-suggestion or self-suggestion is a suggestion that you repeat to yourself with the objective of creating change in your subconscious. Auto-suggestion is a powerful technique which can help you to overcome bad-habits, changing beliefs, changing emotional states and programing new ideas in your mind.

Self-suggestion is a conscious tool to give orders to your subconscious mind of what thought you want to see fulfilled. If you want to be a positive person you must repeat often positive phrases. This technique will help your subconscious mind eliminate negative thoughts and replace them with positives ones.

In this article I give you some basic guidelines on how to formulate and use auto-suggestion.

Use the “I” form

The “I” form or first person form always involves the person speaking. When you talk with the “I” you’re not trying to influence another. Using the “I” form is very important to remember that you are the important ingredient in your self-suggestion sessions.

Thinking in a straight line

This implies not programming a plan b or an exit plan. If you really want what is in your self-suggestion then just don’t look for an alternative in case the first idea doesn’t work. It’s like having a doubt and we know that doubts can destroy your efforts.

Eliminate words suggesting doubt

Words like: Maybe, probable, if, try… All have a connotation of doubt. And it is very important in auto-suggestion to get rid of any doubt if you want to succeed and obtain what you want.

Use the present tense

Use verbs in the present tense when wording affirmations. This thinking method implies that you are thinking as if you already had the object of your desires. “I am happy” is better than “I will be happy”. ‘I will be happy” being never now and always in the future.

Phrase Suggestions Positively

Don’t think of an elephant! What just happened? Bet an elephant was on your mind ;). So the thing to remember here is that your unconscious mind blocks verbal negations words. So avoid while creating your self-suggestions using words like: Less, won’t, don’t, not, etc.

Be affirmative

If you want a greater impact on your unconscious you must be affirmative in your self-suggestion. When you are affirmative, your subconscious reacts strongly to what you ask of it.

Be determined to succeed

This means that when you think of something precise that you want, you should be determined to do the impossible to get it! Isn’t that why you are doing this in the first place?

Use mental images

Our subconscious retains lots of the information it gets from the images that are presented to it. So, for an even bigger impact on it, use and associate corresponding images with the suggestions you use.

If you want to use affirmations in an effective manner, here are some rules that can help you.

1- When preparing to use positive affirmations for your self hypnosis session, you should always be sure to be alone. Or at the very least, take arrangements to not be disturbed for the time of the session.

2- You should always repeat the suggestions in a way that you hear yourself out loud. This will help you stay focused and concentrated.

3- Do your breathing and relaxation work before. Take all the time you need to be sure that you are calm and relaxed.

4- When concentrating on suggestions, remember to use images. And it’s even better if you can add sounds and feelings to your images.

5- And last but not least, when doing self suggestion work, always concentrate on one suggestion at a time. Groups of thoughts are less effective.

So there you have it, these are the basic guidelines on how to formulate and use auto-suggestion. Have fun using and experimenting with them in your self hypnosis practice.

Dominic Lamoureux

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