Abdominal breathing for self hypnosis techniques

Abdominal breathing

Abdominal breathing

Abdominal breathing is often used just before self hypnosis techniques. This tool lets you reach profound states of relaxations in a very short time.

It is also used to rapidly relieve you from stress, anxiety, depression and negative emotions (like anger and fear).

One of the advantages of abdominal breathing is that you can use it almost anywhere and it only takes you a few minutes to perform.

To practice this technique all you have to do is fallow a few simple steps.

First step: place one of your hands on your abdomen where the solar plexus is. That is the place right below your sternum and above your belly button.

Second step: take a big slow and deep breath trough your nose. Fill up your lungs and remind yourself that your chest should be moving very little in this exercise. Your stomach at this moment should rise up and be pushing your hand outward.

Third step: once your lungs are full, take a moment for a pause and exhale all the air through your mouth. As you let your breath out, let yourself relax and imagine all of your muscles letting go of all tensions. While you exhale, your hand should be moving back inward.

Now the key point to remember here, is that in abdominal breathing it is your stomach that is moving and not your rib cage. Your belly should be rising and falling at each breath you take.

Please keep in mind that while you practice this technique your breath should be regular and smooth throughout the whole exercise.

In order to fully benefit from this exercise, you should practice this technique anywhere from 3 to 10 cycles of breaths.

If practiced on a regular basis, this breathing technique should give you sensations of relaxation, feelings of well-being and deliverance of negative emotional charges.

Dominic Lamoureux

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