Self-hypnosis techniques

3 great self-hypnosis techniques just for you

Self-hypnosis techniques

Self-hypnosis techniques

In this article I give you 3 great self-hypnosis techniques I have come across in my studies. These techniques are simple, fun and relaxing. Try them out and find the one that suits you best!

Self-hypnosis techniques are fun and easy to do so don’t judge your performance. Have confidence that what you are doing and practicing is exactly what you have to do. So here are the 3 self-hypnosis techniques!

The first technique: The Monks of Mount Athos method.

This simple technique is like a meditation based on abdominal breathing. It is easy to perform and has many benefits. Take a look at my Abdominal breathing page for more information.

Lie down on your bed and decide on what it is you want to work on (self-suggestion). Once you decided on it, let it slip away from your consciousness. Let it become unconscious.

Then put your awareness on your breathing. Close your eyes, take a deep abdominal breath, keep the breath for a moment in and let it go completely. Push all the air out and relax.

While you do this exercise, let your awareness stay on your belly. This will help you keep your mind quiet from thoughts.

If any thoughts come in your mind, just let them go. Don’t try to push them out. All you have to do is put your attention back to your breathing.

Do this relaxation till you feel that you are saturated, that you are full. Your intuition will tell you when it is over. And if you really need a time frame, well 15 minutes should be enough ;).

The second technique: The Third Eye method.

This technique is inspired by oriental philosophy.

Lie down, sit down or stand up as comfortable as you can be. The important thing here is letting yourself be calm. Decide on what it is you want to work on (self-suggestion). Once you decided on it, let it slip away from your consciousness. Let it become unconscious.

Then practice at least 10 slow abdominal breaths. Already a calming sensation should be taking place in your body and mind.

Now imagine or visualize your third eye as an open eye in a triangle. Oriental tradition tells us that the third eye is placed half way between your eye brows above your nose. If you prefer, I could tell you that it is right in the middle of your forehead.

Now stay on this image. Stay concentrated on your third eye while you continue your abdominal breathing.

If you have trouble visualizing, then just put your attention and awareness on the physical location of your third eye.

Since this technique is very easy to do, you can almost practice it anywhere you go. This technique should be practiced for around 10 minutes per day.

The third technique: The Yellow Bubble method.

Lie down or sit down and let yourself relax. Put one of your hands on your solar plexus (stomach) and close your eyes. Decide on what it is you want to work on (self-suggestion). Once you decided on it, let it slip away from your consciousness. Let it become unconscious.

Now go ahead and practice abdominal breathing till you feel relaxed.

Now imagine in the center of your chest a very small and partially translucent yellow bubble slowly and progressively growing inside of you.

Concentrate all of your attention and awareness on it. Imagine it as best you can with as much detail as possible. Observe how perfectly round it is.

Make the bubble grow slowly till it surrounds you completely. Imagine and Feel yourself bathing in its southing light. Let the sensation of calm take over. Stay in this state of relaxation for 5 minutes.

Then put your concentration back on your breathing. After 3 abdominal breaths, open your eye and observe how wonderful you feel!

The conclusion of self-hypnosis techniques

So there you have it, 3 great self-hypnosis techniques just for you. Try them, practice them and observe the results in your daily life.

It is important that you remember that the more you practice the 3 self-hypnosis techniques, the better and faster you will get results. And be assured that on your first try, you will get at least one benefit and that is the benefit of relaxation.

Have a nice self hypnosis session!

Dominic Lamoureux

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